Said to be similar, apparently this is the difference between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact

At first glance, Tower of Fantasy is similar to Genshin Impact, where players can explore a vast world and follow the story while completing missions.

Said to be similar, apparently this is the difference between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact

Tower of Fantasy, an MMORPG genre game with cross-platform features, was finally officially released globally on Thursday, August 11, 2022. The game made by Level Infinite and Hotta Studio can now be downloaded and played on PC and mobile.

Tower of Fantasy is set hundreds of years in the future after humanity has fled the devastated environment of Earth and fled to the distant planet Aida.

In this game, players are invited to do exciting battles in thrilling battles and exploration of the open world.

At first glance, Tower of Fantasy is indeed similar to Genshin Impact, where players can explore the vast world and follow the story game while completing missions.

In fact, some parties also think that Tower of Fantasy is plagiarizing the concept of the Genshin Impact game, which was launched earlier in September 2020.

Each game must have its own uniqueness. So we can't say our game is better or what, so each one has its own unique selling point.

Although the features of these two games seem similar, Tower of Fantasy has a unique character customization.

In the game Tower of Fantasy, players can use presets they have created to further personalize the character.

Tower of Fantasy character customization

The customization features offered in the game start from changing clothes, changing colors, hair color, eye color, body physique, and more.

In addition, characters in Tower of Fantasy can switch weapons in real-time in battles where players can bring 3 weapons to fight in the world of Aida.

The weapon has stats and weapon skills that can be adjusted by the character to the enemy that will be faced.

Interestingly, Tower of Fantasy has a more flexible multiplayer co-op mode compared to Genshin Impact.

Tower of Fantasy players have complete freedom in multiplayer mode and are allowed to hunt bosses, create crews, complete daily and weekly missions, and much more.

Tower of Fantasy also provides a Guild Crew that allows players to collaborate together to explore Aida.

Mode co-op Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy can also make communication between players easier with a co-op mode that is equipped with a messaging feature to support voice messages.

This certainly makes it easier for players to communicate when completing missions and fighting.

However, Tower of Fantasy still does not support in-game calls like competitive online games.

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