20 Genshin Impact Beginner's Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Beginner's Guide: Essential Tips and Tricks to Get Started Playing Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact is a free to play game. These 20 Guides Will Be Very

Genshin Impact has recently become a very popular Open World game, with interesting gameplay and beautiful visuals. Genshin Impact even became the best mobile game in 2021. This Anime-style game can be played on various platforms, namely mobile, PlayStation, and PC.

There are some tips for those of you who are just starting an adventure in the world of teyvat or maybe haven't played the game Genshin Impact for a long time:

1. Unlock All Waypoints and Statue of the Seven

Unlock All Waypoints and Statue of the Seven

At the beginning of the game, you will find the Statue of the Seven, which functions to open the map, provide heals, and teleport places. Teleportation will certainly help save time when traveling around the world of teyvat.

Teleportation or fast travel can be done at 3 types of points, namely Teleport Waypoints, Statue of the Seven, and Domains, which are scattered throughout the map. To be able to teleport to the front of the Domain, you do not need to complete the Domain. Just open it, Domain can be made as a place of teleportation.

2. Increase Adventure Rank as fast as possible

Increase Adventure Rank as fast as possible

The first tip on this list is to increase your Adventure Rank or AR as quickly as possible. AR can be obtained from many things, but the one that provides the most AR is by completing the main story or Archon Quest.

The higher the Adventure Rank, the more features will be unlocked. Here's a list of the essential unlocked features along with the required AR:

AR 07: Wish System (gacha).
AR 12: Daily Commission (Daily Quest).
AR 16: Co-op Mode.
AR 20: Battle Pass and Spiral Abyss.
AR 25: Reputation System.
AR 35: Serenitea Pot (Mission will be available to unlock this feature).

In addition to the Archon Quest, try to do the Daily Commission too, because it gives a decent Adventure Rank per day. In addition, the daily quest will also provide Primogem which is useful for gacha purposes.

3. Spend Daily Resin

Spend Daily Resin

Resin is a Stamina system (as found in other gacha games) that is used to claim various materials, such as Ley Lines, Domains, Bosses, to Weekly Bosses. Resin is very important for the progress of the player's account, because the material obtained will directly increase the strength of the character.

Daily resin has a fairly slow regeneration time, which is 1 resin/8 minutes. The maximum resin that a player can have per day is 160 resin. If you touch that number, the resin will stop growing, so players will waste every minute of progress.

For the start of the game, focus on Resin to collect ascending character materials and weapons. After that, if there is any Resin left, it can be used for the talent book or Mora. Don't use Resin for Artifact before AR45!

4. Take All Anemoculus and Geoculus

Take All Anemoculus and Geoculus

Stamina is important in Genshin Impact. Running, climbing, swimming, and flying, all these activities require stamina. At the beginning of the game, players will be provided with a short stamina bar. The way to increase the stamina is to increase the level of the Statue of the Seven, by offering Anemoculus and Geoculus.

Anemoculus are scattered throughout Mondstadt and Geoculus throughout Liyue. The number of Oculi is not small so it takes time and patience to take them all. You can take advantage of the interactive map or you can check out the full guide on YouTube to make your search easier.

5. Take advantage of the Expedition Feature

Take advantage of the Expedition Feature Genshin Impact

Expeditions will give players additional resources for a certain period of time. Before you start playing, you should first install the character that will be sent to the expedition. Some characters have unique abilities regarding expeditions, so you can use them, to be more efficient.

Even with the term "installing a character" in the expedition feature, the character that is being assigned can still be used on the team. For which expedition to take, we recommend that you take the expedition that rewards Mora and Crystal Chunk.

6. Take advantage of the Cooking Features

Take advantage of the Cooking Features Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a cooking feature, which can produce various buffs and heals. Take advantage of this feature to make exploration and combat easier. This feature is more useful for new players than old players who are already familiar with Genshin Impact gameplay.

The buffs provided are quite diverse, so you have to pay attention to which buffs you need. To get a certain type of food, players need to get the recipe for that food. Recipes can be purchased at the shop, but there are also food recipes that become Quest rewards.

7. Execute Battle Pass Missions

Execute Battle Pass Missions

The Battlepass system is also applied to the Genshin Impact game. Battle Pass or BP, has both free and paid versions. The difference between the two is that for the paid version, players can get more resources, as well as the opportunity to get one of the five Battlepass weapons.

Players will get resources every time BP level is increased (max 50). To level up, players need to complete Battle Pass missions, ranging from daily, weekly, to Event missions. Each iteration of the Battle Pass, players can get a bonus reward of `1 Acquaint Fate or 1 Fragile Resin for every level multiple of 5. The Battle Pass feature will be unlocked on AR 20.

8. Don't hold World Level

World Level Genshin Impact

Many players, especially new players, are delaying World Level advancement, for various reasons. It's true that enemy damage and HP will increase, but so will enemy gifts and materials.

The difficulty level in Genshin Impact is determined from the World Level of each player. The World Level will increase along with the player's AR. If the player's AR hits a multiple of 5 (starting from AR 20) then the player's World Level will go up. Some of these World Level upgrades require an upgrade mission, but there are also those that are automatically raised from the system.

Although the World Level affects the enemy's stats, this does not change the enemy's attack pattern. If you find it difficult when your World Level goes up, you can temporarily lower your World Level for a day.

9. Save Fragile Resin Until Level AR 45

Save Fragile Resin Genshin Impact

Fragile Resin is an item that serves to recover Resin. Every 1 Fragile Resin will recover 60 Resin. Still related to the previous tips, save Fragile Resin until Adventure Rank 45, because the value given lies at that time.

The best and most optimal way to use Fragile Resin is for Artifact Farming. The reason why it is not recommended to farm Artifacts before AR 45, is because in AR 45, players will get at least one B5 Artifact every time they claim a Domain reward. The best Artifact Domains for beginners are the Artifact Emblem of Severed Fate and Shimenawa Reminiscence Domains in Inazuma.

10. Spend 3 Weekly Boss

Weekly Boss Genshin Impact lupus boreas

As the name suggests, Weekly Boss can only be claimed once per week. As of version 2.7, there are six Weekly Bosses. Three of them, namely Stormterror, Andrius, and Childe, players will find relatively quickly at the beginning of the game.

The first three Bosses that players claim per week have a 50% resin discount. So, players only need to set aside 30 Resin for each Weekly Boss. Materials obtained from this Boss vary. For the beginning of the game, players can get Elemental rocks as character Ascend materials.

In addition, there are also Weapon Billets that can only be obtained from this type of Boss. This item serves as a material for forging a weapon in the blacksmith. Billet types are obtained randomly and unfortunately the drop rate for this item is very small, making it one of the rare items in Genshin Impact.

11. Take advantage of Co-Op Mode

co-op mode genshin impact

There's nothing more exciting than playing games with friends. Genshin Impact has a Co-Op feature that can be used up to a maximum of 4 people in one party. If you need help, you can take advantage of this feature to ask your friends for help who already have big AR.

12. Utilizing Pins on Maps

Utilizing Pins on Maps genshin impact

As you play, you'll encounter lots of puzzles or strange places. If you have trouble or want to visit the place again at a later time, you can take advantage of the Pin feature on the map.

You simply select the location on the map, and give it the desired name and symbol if necessary. Genshin Impact provides a maximum of up to 150 pins.

13. Increase Reputation in Every Region

Increase Reputation in Every Region genshin impact

When the player touches AR 25, the player will unlock the Reputation system. This system will give a reward, every player who manages to do what is asked. Each Region has its own reputation, with separate rewards.

The way to increase Reputation level is to complete World Quests, get progress in the region, Bounty, and Request. Try to take Bounty and Request every week, to get a number of important Gadgets that are locked behind the Reputation system.

14. Learn the "Dodge" Technique

Learn the Dodge Technique genshin impact

Dodge or I-Frame (Invincibility Frames) is a technique to avoid damage in Genshin Impact. This ability is owned by all characters. Players just simply "Dash" with the Sprint button (on PC using right click or Shift). Surprisingly, this powerful mechanic, was never mentioned in the Tutorial at the beginning of the game.

Although it sounds easy and simple, mastering Dodge takes practice. Memorizing enemy attack patterns can also increase Dodge's abilities. Keep in mind that there are certain attacks that cannot be avoided. In addition to Sprints, players can dodge attacks by activating Elemental Burst.

15. Manage Serenitea Pot to Get Resources

Manage Serenitea Pot to Get Resources

Genshin Impact provides a housing system called the Serenitea Pot. This feature is unlocked when the player completes the Quest, which is obtained in AR 35.

After the quest, players can design the Serenitea Pot to their heart's content, and invite their own character into it. Increase the Trust Rank as high as possible, by making and placing as many Furnishings as possible. There are many Primogems that you can get in this feature, which are useful for your Gacha needs.

When players touch Trust Rank 6, Transient Resin will be unlocked in the Supply Depot. This item has a function similar to Fragile Resin which will recover 60 Resin when used. It's just that this item has an expiration time, so players can't hoard it. Players are allotted once a week to buy items at the Supply Depot.

16. Don't miss the event

Dont miss the event genshin impact

Each version, Genshin Impact always holds various interesting events. Even sometimes the events that are held do not always tell players to fight. In addition to its interesting and entertaining activities, Genshin Impact usually also gives you a free character or an exclusive weapon, which cannot be reclaimed.

Usually new players tend to be lazy to do events, because at the beginning of the game, they will be invaded by various missions, explorations, and other in-game activities. As much as possible, work on ongoing Events, because Events are Primogem and Resource fields for players.

Fortunately, the events in Genshin Impact are mostly time-gated, or in installments over a certain period, and have a fairly long duration, so players can decide whether they want to complete them one by one or all at once at the end of the period.

17. Avoid using Primogem on Standard Banner

Avoid using Primogem on Standard Banner

Primogem is the most important Currency in Genshin Impact. Primogem can be obtained through exploration, events, and through top-ups. This primogem is usually used for character gacha purposes. In general, there are three types of Banners, namely Limited Banners, Weapon Banners, and Standard Banners.

For Primogem usage, it is recommended not to use it in Banner Standard. This is because the results obtained by players are very random. It's different with Banner Limited, which guarantees players a number of characters in the banner image.

Moreover, almost all characters and weapons that are in the Standard Banner, can be obtained in the Limited Banner and Weapon Banner, so there is no reason to spend this premium Currency on the Standard banner.

18. Upgrade Weapon Level

Upgrade Weapon Level genshin impact

As you level up your character, weapons and Artifact levels are usually ignored. There are even players who have played Genshin Impact for a long time, but do not increase the weapon level to the maximum level. This will reduce the potential damage of a character, especially if the character is a DPS character.

Weapon level is very important, because the base attack of the weapon is an important factor in the damage formula in Genshin Impact. If the character's base attack is low, the Damage Bonus or other Multipliers will not produce optimal damage.

19. Don't upgrade all characters at once

upgrade characters genshin impact

At the beginning of the game, players will get a lot of characters. from free characters to Gacha results characters. When faced with a series of characters, players tend to be curious about the abilities of the characters they have.

The thing that Genshin Impact players must know about character investment is not to upgrade multiple characters at once. For the beginning, you can choose 4 characters first.

Why is that? The reason is quite simple, namely the required resources will be too many. The resources needed at the beginning of the game seem small, but when they touch high AR, players will definitely feel the lack of resources, if they are wasted too much in the early game.

It's a good idea to first find out which character you want to play, along with the composition of the team, because not all characters are suitable to be paired with other characters.

20. Understand the combat system in Genshin Impact

Understand the combat system in Genshin Impact

There is a reason why Genshin Impact has 4 characters in one team. The right way to play Genshin Impact is to take advantage of elemental reactions.

There are various reactions that can be created by mixing elements. Although it does not apply in absolute terms, each element usually has its own characteristics. Such as the Pyro element which usually has elemental reactions with high damage, Anemo and Hydro with utility, Electro with a lot of damage instances, and many more.

At first glance, the reaction of the elements is very easy to understand, but in practice it requires a little depth. If you don't really like elemental reactions, you can also still play with non-reaction teams, such as Geo and Physical teams.

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